Japanese cooking utensils

Chefs all over the world trust Japanese cooking utensils. Over the years, Japanese utensils have ruled the kitchen in terms of efficiency, craftsmanship, and aesthetics.

Here are the reasons why chefs invest in premium Japanese utensils:

  • Unbeatable sharpness. No chef would want a dull blade on his toolkit. Japanese utensils are known for their state-of-the-art cutting edge that gets the job done. It allows chefs to prepare food faster without ruining their pace in the kitchen.
  • Functionality in mind. Each Japanese dinnerware set is designed to provide functionality both in the kitchen and the table. True to the Japanese culture and discipline, chefs prefer the finest Japanese utensils above other brands.
  • Purpose-driven. There are so many types of Japanese knives for good reasons. Each one is made for specific cutting tasks. The blades are specially beveled to meet the cutting needs of the busiest chefs. Whether you’re a 5-star chef or a homemaker, Japanese utensils will make your life easier.
  • Culinary arts, done the Japanese way. Japan is popular for its rich field of arts and crafts. Beyond the kimonos, they also boast one of the world’s finest utensil craftsmanship. The technique in making these handmade utensils are passed on from one generation to another.  
  • Kitchen excellence. Japanese blacksmiths spend years mastering the art of knife making. They pour in their dedication to achieving the highest culinary goals. For them, it’s not just about producing cutting tools; it’s also a matter of producing artwork.
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    The following are some of the selections on our collection:

  • Pots and pans. Made of steel plate for enamel and natural wood, these mini pots are the perfect choice for serving savory dishes. It can be used on electric heat cooktops, ceramic stovetops, induction cooktops, and direct fire.
  • Dinnerware. We have plate sets that will spice up your next gatherings. Our plates, cups, saucers, and more are exquisitely adorned with Japanese art. Each one is hand-painted for long-lasting aesthetics.
  • Tea sets. Our Japanese-style tea sets are both aesthetic and functional. All of the glassware in the set is cold and heat-resistant. It also has transparent textures perfect when having guests over.
  • Ceramic tableware. Our ceramic selections bear the Japanese exquisiteness. We offer multiple pieces per set to suit your table needs. All of them are non-slip, scratch-resistant, and have a matte texture. It has jade-like quality, all thanks to the Japanese’s ingenious craftsmanship.
    • Mugs. You can now enjoy your coffee even better with our Japanese Mino Ware Mugs. Each one is handmade using high-quality clay. It’s also hand-painted with attractive artworks that will stand out on your coffee table.

    From Japanese cooking utensils to tableware, Lifease has premium offers for you. We aim to ease your life with only the best Japanese products. We deliver high-quality utensils and dinnerware for an affordable price everyone can afford.