Organizing Your Closet and Maximizing Storage Space with Smart Solutions

Cleaning and organizing your closet is one of the keys to streamlining your daily routine, creating extra space and helping your appreciate your wardrobe. Follow these tips to organize your closet, no matter your style or budget.

Keep, Consign, Donate or Trash?

Take everything out of your closet and divide the contents into separate piles. Items you wear often and love go in the "keep" pile. Cosign or donate items in good repair, and toss the rest.

Make the Most of Your Space

Once you know what you want to put back in the closet, seek solutions from an online home products store that maximize your space and make it easy to utilize every inch of it. To better reach the top shelves, place a step stool nearby. Use a shoe rack that hangs over the door to store footwear or small items like nylons or scarves. Invest in double hangers to maximize your horizontal storage space. Keep handbags or folded sweaters organized in cubbies, or stock up on baskets for easy access to gym clothes or shoes.

Create Easy Access

Keep the front and center of your closet dedicated to the items you wear most frequently. Creating easy access to your work clothes, for example, will streamline your morning routine. Items you wear less often, like a formal dress, can be stored in the back.

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