Lifease Heated Bidet Toilet Seat with Self Cleaning, Stainless Nozzle Bidet with Heated Seat and Temperature Controlled Wash, Warm Air Dryer Elongated

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1. Certified for Safe Use: Toilet seats are certified by IAPMO EGS, FCC, CP65, and SGS. NOTE: Pay Close Attention To The Seat Dimensions And Ensure They Fit Your Toilet.

2. Specialist Cleaning Modes: Includes settings for posterior and feminine cleaning.

3. Multiple Heating Levels: Includes six water temperature settings including a warm-air dryer.

4. Improved Accessibility: Designed with the elderly and people with disabilities in mind.

5. Superior Quality: Made of pure stainless steel for durability and resistance against rust.

6. Premium Hygienic Features: Automatically self-cleans before and after use; and uses a flexible nozzle that can pulsate and oscillate spray with adjustable water pressure.

7. Heated Seat: Six temperature settings for warm comfort. NOTE: Smart Bidet Doesn't Match Toilets With A Flushing Handle In The Front.

8. Night Light: For using the toilet with low light or in darkness. Use the toilet safely during a blackout.

9. Remote Access: User-friendly wireless remote that is easy to use without you moving. NOTE: Ensure Your Toilet Matches The Required Installation Dimensions.

10. One-year warranty.

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