【Ship from China】Identity V Dress up doll series – Embalmer

Option: Embalmer(Regular edition)-0.8lbs

*Regular edition:

Weight: Approx. 354g

Size: 11.8 (30)*5.9 (15) * 5.1(13cm) 

Material: Polyester, PU, Resin, Cotton cord

Filling: Polyester

*Luxury edition:

Weight: 1023g

Doll Size: 11.8 (30)*5.9 (15) * 5.1inch(13cm)

Substitute Doll Size:: 10.6(27)*5.5(14) * 5.1inch(13cm)

Box Size: 12.9 (32.7)*8.5 (21.5) * 6.8inch(17.3cm) 

*DIY your own doll. All the accessories can be removed. The product is elastic, sleek, and has embroidery patterns.

*Friendly reminder: please avoid dragging the accessories hard, keep away from fire and sharp objects. Children must use the product under the guardianship of adults. 

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