【DM独家】网易严选 即热式 智能加热马桶盖-除臭恒温 [美仓发货7-10日达]

Option: 即热式






1. 100% SAFE: Certified by IAPMO EGS, FCC, please feel safe to use our bidet, all materials are high quality and passed the strict test, quality warranted.

2. Fast Heat Up: This smart bidet with instant heating technology can heat water in seconds to a comfortable temperature, providing a continuous flow of warm water directly. This toilet bidet can prevent repeated heating of water and more energy-efficient.

3. Automatic: Pure stainless steel. Automatically self-cleaning before and after each use for hygienic purposes.

4. Multiple Modes: This electric toilet seat provides multiple cleaning modes for posterior and feminine cleaning with adjustable temperature water and also provides warm air dryer after the wash. It will help the elderly and disabled people more convenient in the bathroom.

5. Comfortable: 3D curved seat cushion is more comfortable for sitting with night light design.

6. Remote Control: User-friendly wireless remote, you can easily operate without turning around, more convenient to use.

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