【DM独家】全棉针织条纹四件套 下单两件四件套床品加送1件装单面真丝枕套(同时拍下)

Color: 绿色单面真丝枕套(下单两套床品可拍赠送1只,需同时拍下)
Size: 尺寸如主图
Option: 1件装(绿色单面真丝枕套,赠完为止;买1件床品不送赠品;不拍赠品,只拍或者多拍赠品不发货,赠品丢件不补发)

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* Noted: These two sizes of bedding set come with the same pillowcase size, which is 18.9''x29''.

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