Black Wolfberry Flower Tea - 8 Bags

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  • Product name: Black wolfberry flower tea
  • Type: Scented tea
  • Ingredients: Black wolfberry jasmine rose tea: black wolfberry, double red rose, jasmine
    Black wolfberry fetal chrysanthemum tea: black wolfberry, chrysanthemum bud
  • Shelf life: 18 months
  • Net content: 48 grams (black wolfberry jasmine rose tea 6 grams * 4 bags, black wolfberry fetal chrysanthemum tea 6 grams * 4 bags)
  • Applicable scenarios: home, office
  • Packing: paper box
    • Tips:
      1. The food sold by Lifease will not be returned or exchanged except for clear quality issues
      2. Please put it in a cool, dark, ventilated, and dry place
      3. Please avoid storing with other products with heavy taste to prevent odor

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