Lifease Glaze Porcelain Dinnerware Set Ribbed Morandi Color Matte, Service for 1-2 (5-7 Days Free US Shipping)

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Option: For 1 person/3 piece (grey 4.5" bowl+green 6.3" bowl+ yellow 8" plate)
$46.19 $65.99

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Matte Glazed Porcelain Dinnerware Set.
Morandi Color in ribbed design.
Dishwasher and microwave safe.
Your lifestyle & gift pick.
Set 1: grey 4.5"bowl + green 6.3"bowl+ yellow 8"plate (for 1 person)
Set 2: grey 4.5"bowl*2 + green 6.3"bowl+ yellow 8"bowl+ grey 8"plate (for 2 person)

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