【1 Pack/Person】 KN95 Nano Face Mask (20 PCs/Individual Package)

Option: 20 PCs (with 20 individual packages)

Special Shipping Notice:

Shipping Fee: Due to the online selling policy during this special time, our face masks will have special shipping rates when you check out. In order to compensate for this, we have lowered the prices for all of our face masks products, so the overall cost you pay for the face masks are the same as before. All the N95 face masks sold by us are 100% authentic & individually packed to avoid cross-contamination.

* Shipping Fee will be calculated ($30.19) before check out. 

Refund Policy: This item belongs to personal hygiene products during the special epidemic period and will not be returned.

Tracking: This item will be delivered by EMS within 2 business days and will be sent to the United States through commercial express shipping. During this time, your order number will be first displayed as an EMS order number. Within two business days after EMS is shipped, a new TNT tracking number will be updated. Due to the high demand for shipping at TNT, there is currently a case of repeated use of tracking numbers. If you haven’t received any logistics updates on your shipment from China, please wait three more days patiently. Normally, the tracking information will be updated within 3 days. If it has not been updated for more than 3 days, please contact us at support@lifease.com. We will further assist you with your order details. Thank you for your understanding.

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